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Default Re: Over-emphasis on CBs stopping rush?

Originally Posted by finesward View Post
Well if our offense revolved around disguising run/pass plays a QB that could block would be an asset. You don't seem to get why having CB's that can tackle is important in a defense like dicks. Just think about what would happen if we sent an overload blitz pulling the deep safety and left a CB alone with a WR, and that CB wanted to make a play and jump the quick out, or got stiff armed while trying to make a tackle and that WR trotted untouched to the endzone. How many times has that happened? Besides ike falling down against holmes I can't think of too many.
No, I understand why _any_ player on defense should be able
to tackle. My point is they end up putting too much weight on DBs
being able to tackle and we end up with stiffs who just blow out
there trying to cover anyone. That is not acceptable.

Keenan Lewis - Garbage.
Joe Burnett - rubbish
Ryan Mundy - Crap
Anthony Smith - Could hit like a monster, but dumber than a rock

I did like the picks of Ike and McFadden though.
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