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Default Re: Over-emphasis on CBs stopping rush?

Originally Posted by kirklandrules View Post
It's a great formula to make a team one dimensional, then play the mind games with blitz and coverage packages that result in turnovers. However, with CBs that can't catch and back-ups that can't understand the system, the Steelers can only beat on teams with average-to-weak QBs (hence the Steelers own the AFC North). Ike has to learn to pick a few passes more than 1.2 times per year and B-Mac and Troy need to stay healthy.
We can't expect Ike to suddenly learn how to catch; if he was going to
learn to make picks he would have long ago. He just has crap hands,
nothing you can do. But a truly healthy B-Mac and TP will go a long,
long way, plus if they draft the kid from TX, we could be in pretty good
shape. I know there are major concerns over having to play a rookie
at starting CB but I think they can simplify that side of the field to help
the new kid out, PLUS, maybe they will actually put a CB there who
_can_ actually catch the ball, and that could be an upgrade, as far
as that portion goes. I think they should go best possible CB round
1 even if they do have Ike return. Looking at the last 10 years of Pgh's
drafting, they have gone pretty weak for CB for a long time - as bad
as how weak they have gone on drafting OL-men when you look at it.

And let's not forget about 1 player who could alter this discussion
and their position: Butler.

They were very high on this guy in camp last year. Maybe he is ready
to break out - he has all the physical skills needed. Anyone know
the status on this guy?
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