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Default Re: Cold Hard Football Facts - Steelers Need Left Guard

First on all, LG is _not_ our biggest concern. Kemo is a fat, talent-limited OG, who
really can suck ass in pass protection; that much is true. But he is hardly our biggest
weakness and it's unlikely he will be losing his starting job any time soon. I would say
you can count on him being there through his current contract, period. Our LT spot
is below average, even with Starks playing. He has super slow feet. LT is the most
vital spot on the OL. LG is so so. Center is solid for a decade. RG.....who the F is our
starting RG right now? RT is fairly solid with Hotel for another year. Then we got a bunch
of loose parts with Essex, Foster, et al.

As far as Kemo being fat, who on our OL isn't fat except for Pouncy? Pgh puts an
emphasis on our OL being really BIG at the expense of it being athletic. I am not
sure I agree with that philosophy, to be honest. We end up with bunch of blobs
with giant guts, who huff and puff too much as the game goes on. I don't know
whose decision it was to go with fat guys. You don't expect any OLmen to be thin,
obviously. But guts that huge, like Colon, etc? I can't imagine that is the best way
to go.
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