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Originally Posted by cloppbeast View Post
That reason probably had something to do with Tomlin's reluctance to give young players a 'hat' and DL's complex defense. Butler was a late pick, so that leads me to believe he was a little raw; which could also explain why he wouldn't get much playing time his first year.

I'm not saying he's the next Rod Woodson; in fact, it's possible you could be correct. But I don't believe the fact he didn't play much this year indicates he won't amount to much. We'll be able to guage his talent a little more after this season - kinda like Keenan Lewis. After Keenan's second season, we now know that he's pretty much worthless. They should have just dropped him instead of Gibson.
That all is true and i hope thats all it was and he learns the defense and gets on the field and makes an impact.

Yea i could think of a few other players the could have dropped to keep Gibson!
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