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Default Re: Replace them all

Big Ben - single-handily lost the SB. Plus a pig to women. Out.
Hines Ward - Now a dancer. OUT
Heath Miller - Fumbled to lose that one game. OUT
Mendenhall - Fumble final death nail in SB loss. OUT
Pouncy - Too injury prone. OUT
Wallace - One trick pony, can only go deep. OUT
Kemo - sloppy and sucks at pass protection. OUT
Foster and all back ups - suck. OUT
Sander and Brown - Will experience sophomore slumps. OUT
Randel El - Too old. OUT
Hampton - Immense fat ass. OUT
Farrior - Old man. OUT
Timmons - Flies around and runs by everyone. OUT
Harrison - He can stay
Woodley - OK to stay
Ike - gone in free agency. OUT
Gay - plays too gay. OUT
Polamalu - Hurt all the time. OUT
Clark - Can't cover anyone. OUT
Keisel - Beard too freaky. OUT
Aaron Smith - Too old. OUT
McFadden - most picked on defender. OUT
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