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Default Re: Cold Hard Football Facts - Steelers Need Left Guard

Originally Posted by DanRooney View Post
1. Steve Hutchinson
2. Jahri Evans
3. Shawn Andrews
4. Logan Mankins
5. Leonard Davis
6. Davin Joseph
7. Ben Grubbs
8. Arron Sears
9. Eric Steinbach
10. Brian Waters
11. Chris Snee
12. Carl Nicks
13. Kris Dielman
14. Justin Blalock
15. Justin Smiley
16. Chris Kuper
17. Stephen Neal

Got about 17 and this is just off the top of my head.
Kuper, Nicks, Neal, Sears, Davis ARE huge stretches. Smiley is even keel, not any better. Blalock is arguable. I only see about ten people who are head over heels better than Kemo.

I have not seen Chris ranked worse than 20th from any reputable source. You can keep your opinion about him he isn't going anywhere.
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