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Default Really sick of Pouncy talk

Yes, we love our Pouncy. That pick turned out to be a very
good pick. He came in and not only played lights out, but
also has already proven to be a leader, and, no matter what,
you need leaders to compete for a ring. Yes, he has a twin
brother who is projected to be the best OG in the draft. Yes,
it would be cool having both brothers on our OL.

But F ____NO_____ is OG enough priority that we take on
in the first round, not to mention, having to give up picks to
move up and get him. This article that came out better be
a smoke screen (and this clowns think playing these poker
games some how gives them a better chance of having a good
draft; I don't see it as legit, but they must play their game.)

Stop the madness (If they are seriously thinking about moving
up to draft him.) We had 3rd and 4th stringers playing OT last
year and our starters are below average to being with. Our CB
situation is in dire need to upgrading, and that is before we lose
Ike. OGs are rarely worthy of 1st round picks to BEGIN with. (I know,
Faneca, etc. but generally speaking OG is not the way to go in the 1st.)

Kemo is a dumb troglodyte who makes mistakes every game and
whiffs on some pass blocking for sure. But he is serviceable. We can
still win rings with him in there. Colon could easily move to RG and
actually excel there better than he does playing OT. And then we'd have
depth with our back ups. OG is NOT the best way to improve this team.
It might seem cute to have the twins playing next to each other, but not
so cute that I'd ruin the team's future over it.

Grab Aaron Williams and call it a day. He's big, fast enough and has
instincts to cover. In the 2nd there will be some quality prospects at
OT and DE at our pick. I will be really pissed if they don't go CB and
OL in the first two picks.
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