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Default Re: Really sick of Pouncy talk

Originally Posted by PhantomJB93 View Post
Pouncey is the only non-cornerback I fully support taking in the first or trading up for. I desparately want a first round talent at corner too, but I will fully support the FO if they trade up for Pouncey instead, as long as its not a "Ricky Williams-Ditka" type trade where we lose everything for him. Id be cool with, say, swapping firsts with somebody and giving up our 3rd and a late rounder to move into the teens and take him.

Picture this: if we draft Pouncey, our Oline could go Starks-Pouncey-Pouncey-Colon-Adams. That could make our offense deadly enough to make up for the weak secondary.

I don't think any other Olineman would be a good enough pick to take over a corner tho.

If we do trade up for Pouncey, and Ras-I Dowling slips into the mid second, I would also stronly consider trading for him. I know it would require giving up A LOT of picks between the two trades but I think they'd both be big enough difference makers that it would be completely worth it.
We would have to grab Dowling because word is the he can tackle.
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