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Default Re: Really sick of Pouncy talk

Originally Posted by mikegrimey View Post
I think the Pouncey talk will amount to a bunch of nothing personally; however, I disagree with you that no OG is worth taking in the first round. Having 2 spots on our o-line be GOOD, and I mean GOOD, for years to come would be awesome.

In the first round it is always best to try to get the best sure thing you can, even if it isn't your highest priority.

As for the rest, I've seen a lot of your posts constantly accusing the steelers front office and coaches of all types of "madness" and stupidity, you talk about these guys like they've been running a franchise kin to the bengals or redskins. I'm not saying they don't make their mistakes, but you're rambling on like their blind and leading the franchise into doom at every turn.
Well booo hooo hooo. I am allowed to assert my opinions just
like anyone else. If you don't like them then don't read them. Or, we could send
a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmbulance your direction.
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