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Default Re: Judge Lifts Lockout - Ryan Clark Going To Work Tomorrow

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
That was the players proposal in early March

NFL owners walked away from the negotiating table Wednesday when the NFL Players Association proposed to take an average of 50 percent of all revenue generated by the league, according to player sources.

Owners rejected that then locked the players out - so the players had the audacity to take the owners to court to force them to comply with the law.

These two columns sum it up for me

The owners donít get it, and havenít from the beginning. But they better get it fast, or the entire structure of the league may come down around their ears. On Tuesday, it suddenly became clear what a doomsday scenario they put into play when they picked a financial fight with their players, and locked them out. It was a profound mistake, committed out of arrogance. While they were calculating revenue, studying profit-loss statements and betting on how many unplayed games it would take the players to fold, they should have taken a crucial fact into account: They are in the legal wrong.

They had no right to lock out the players, they are in violation of anti-trust law, and whatís more they are repeat, recidivist offenders. They are guilty as charged, and this is the trouble with their hope for relief on appeal.

Perhaps it's time for Goodell and the owners to admit the obvious. They've been outflanked by the players' union/"trade association" on every front: on the negotiating front, the legal front and the public relations front.

Most of all, it's time for the owners to realize they overplayed their position. They went for the pump fake and got burned.
I read that. I am not siding with the owners or the players I am saying that both sides keep declaring how much they love football but no one wants to prove it. I keep hearing players say that the lockout lifted is a win for fans...yeah, and you get your 57% of over 4 billion dollars. I just wish both sides would actually say what the hell they are thinking.

Players first said how the system was good and the owners didn't need to lock them out. Now, they are telling a judge that free agency, franchise tags and things that keep the NFL from becoming baseball are unconstitutional?

Hell, the owners are greedy as hell too. Goodell says cost are too large and in some cases teams are losing money...but he won't share finances of the NFL and its teams.

It is all really shady. I just wish they would put their egos aside and sit down together. NO WALK OUTS or baby sissy fights because someone hurt their feelings by their proposal, and get the deal done.
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