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Default Re: Over-emphasis on CBs stopping rush?

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
We can't expect Ike to suddenly learn how to catch; if he was going to
learn to make picks he would have long ago. He just has crap hands,
nothing you can do. But a truly healthy B-Mac and TP will go a long,
long way, plus if they draft the kid from TX, we could be in pretty good
shape. I know there are major concerns over having to play a rookie
at starting CB but I think they can simplify that side of the field to help
the new kid out, PLUS, maybe they will actually put a CB there who
_can_ actually catch the ball, and that could be an upgrade, as far
as that portion goes. I think they should go best possible CB round
1 even if they do have Ike return. Looking at the last 10 years of Pgh's
drafting, they have gone pretty weak for CB for a long time - as bad
as how weak they have gone on drafting OL-men when you look at it.

And let's not forget about 1 player who could alter this discussion
and their position: Butler.

They were very high on this guy in camp last year. Maybe he is ready
to break out - he has all the physical skills needed. Anyone know
the status on this guy?
Your banking on the same hoop-lah they had about keenan lewis out of camp. Mind you they drafted lewis because he was an ike prototype kind of player, NOT because of his tackling like you love to proclaim b/c you heard it on sportscenter, but because of his SIZE and speed. They wanted him to play bump and run coverage. I hate to break it to ya, but spending a first rounder on Williams is an even bigger gamble b/c essentially he is the same body type/cover corner as Lewis was. So you say, go smaller but have the guy at least be able to catch....WRONG again, they tried that with burnett and he kept getting abused physically.

Your idea that you draft a CB and then simplify things for him so he won't make mistakes and that would make the defense better is to put kindly RETARDED. For this defense to be effective you need established players who know their duties to allow others to perform. When you have guys like madison, or a rookie like williams in there others won't be able to roam free because your having to make things simple for the rook. That's a silly idea, one that lacks any kind of thought behind it, and a simplistic reactionary view that shows you just love to wahhhhhhh about how stupid the front office is and how you would do so much better if you were in charge. Drafting a mid 2nd round talent CB in the 1st round b/c of a need and skipping over 20 players that could be great like most if not all of our recent 1st rounders is STUPID. Williams will never be a great CB or even a very good one. You have to go top 10 to find those players, which astonishingly we haven't had in the past 10 years or whatever you were looking at our draft history. Hmmm....maybe that's because whatever system the front office is using to draft players is WORKING and you know the saying...

I hope they trade up for POUNCEY. Man wouldn't it be great to have the twins play next to each other! It would be sooooooo CUTE!!!!
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