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Default Re: Over-emphasis on CBs stopping rush?

Originally Posted by kirklandrules View Post
Not sure I agree with ya, Finesward. Yes, there are a number of good and great corners who were drafted high. But I believe the Post Gazette had an article on how a large number of the top corners in the league today were mid and lower round draft picks.

Also, I'll sh!t on my pillow and roll my face in it if the Steelers trade up to get Pouncey. I just don't see that happening. I agree that Williams really isn't the best choice and like the idea of trading down into the 2nd.
Agreed, so why take a gamble on a late 1st rounder just because you have a need when you can keep trying with the 3-7th round picks like we have been? If pouncey is gone in the teens and a qb is still available that someone wants I think we could get much more quality with a pair of 2nd rounders.
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