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Default Re: Really sick of Pouncy talk

Originally Posted by ebsteelers View Post
lol. if we traded up that high i'd shit, unless we were getting patrick peterson,

i dont want us to trade up, i'd rather stay put or trade back , it sucks with the draft over multiple days taht they wouldnt be picking until tomorrow,

hopefully one of those qbs is there that someone wants, and we get trade back and get some future picks, maybe a 1 next year, and then a 2 this year

and with both picks this year we take

a cb, and line men

and can still build for the future, last year the pats got a first or 2nd not sure but it was for a 3rd round pick, i gotta believe we need to start doing that to get younger
Looking at the top 10-15 likely players to go that high, there are only a
few that I feel are any more likely to excel than players sloted to be taken
in the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th. I don't like any of the QBs that will be taken in the
top 10, as far as being any more likely to succeed than the 2nd tier guys.

Only Peterson, Von Miller and Dareus - and maybe AJ Green - are worthy
of taking, with confidence, in the top 10. The others are still great players
but not so heads and shoulders above the guys high up in their positions.
How safe and iron clad is Cam Newton? Not much more a safe pick
than Demarcus Russel, in my opinion. Or Ryan Leaf. And yet Cam might
go #1 over all.

Look at much of the Pgh's starting roster. Not many were top
10 picks. Almost none.

Keisel, Harrison, Aaron Smith, Woodley, Ike, Ward, Wallace, et al.
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