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Default Re: Really sick of Pouncy talk

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
I don't pretend to have all the answers, but I __KNOW__
I have some of them. I am not one of these empty suits who
genuflects at NFL personnel and assume all their decisions
must be wiser than the way I see it. All to often, those who are
empty suits working for others end up feeling that they can't
know as much as the "official" people know and that is a sad,
losing way to live. Then again, some really don't have the organic
vision to have more accurate vision than others, so they are
where they should be.

Be well.

Live life. Love life.

The Steelers are a fantastic, well-run franchise. But does that
mean they are all-knowing and don't make errors? F no. Trying
to run a team without ANY full backs and then using flunkie
back up TEs as the lead blockers instead is a moronic way
to operate. You don't have to be a coach or NFL-employed person
to realize this.

You pretty much rehashed what I said before about the franchise being good but not perfect, only to go back into your lunacy and posturing over your suppossed knowledge, while actually having very little insight.

Your diarrhea about the fullback is indicative of this, you're just running water brah.
I did get a chuckel at your pretensious statement "some don't have organic vision to have more accurate vision than others"

hihihihih, good luck trying to tell anyone what that means.
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