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Default Re: Chance we can land a top CB prospect?

Originally Posted by sexyllama View Post
Actually, after 2 years of doing nothing in terms of fixing the pass defense, I'm worried.

I'm perfectly fine, just tired of everyone saying "it's fine" and we get bombed year after year. And we are well down the path of being bombed for a 3rd year.

You guys act like we the SB was close... someone tell me what the halftime score was? We haven't covered the pass since the second half of the Arizona SB. Seriously... AND WE SUPPOSEDLY HAVE A DB BACKFIELD GENIUS as a coach.

Yeah, I'm worried.


PS Laugh all you want but I bet my friends we wouldn't adjust and let GB just bomb away. Guess who won that bet?

wtf did you want them to do? reach for a CB who could be out of the league in a few years or take a player they fully believe will be a difference maker for years to come? shitty teams panic and reach for needs.. that's why they end up picking top 15 every single year.

guess what? if Ben didn't shit the bed in the first half and Mendenhall didn't fumble the go-ahead score away, we probably would have been Super Bowl champions in spite of our secondary; which according to you is as bad as they come. Warner torched us in SB XLIII, and that was against one of the statistically best defenses of all-time. our defense is vulnerable against elite QBs. it's been that was since Cowher's days.. yet we've still managed to play in 4 Super Bowls, winning 2 of them. and if not for some unfortunate turnovers, would have won all 4.

i suggest you chill out and let the Steelers do their thing.
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