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Default Re: Like the Heyward Pick but..

Originally Posted by Steeltownbeatdown12 View Post
I think Heyward will be a good guy and player, but i am really worried about our secondary. Ike is as good as gone, Gay and McFadden proved that they are not worthy, Keenan Lewis can't handle himself, and Crezdon Butler is a huge question mark. I'm all for trading up for Dowling, Harris, or Williams in the second, but none of these guys can start right away in our D. Would it be too much to ask of the Steelers to go after a guy like Cromartie or Carlos Rogers because i know Asomugha is way out of our price range. Thoughts?
I say we hold a huge bake sale and get all three!

Seriously, we are probably going to have no choice but to try to get one of them if Ike leaves and none of the others (Butler, Madison or Lewis) looks like they can step up. I still have a good feeling about Butler.

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