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Default Re: Over-emphasis on CBs stopping rush?

Originally Posted by sexyllama View Post
Sky is always falling? WTF are you smoking?

I said our pass defense is really bad. The stats back it up.
Our Play vs any good QB backs it up.
Our current DB's back it up
Our coaches inability to cover up how bad they are
Our coaches inability to develop any DB for THREE YEARS!


Did I say our QB sucks? Did I say our LB's suck? Did I say our DL sucks? Did I even bring up our OL? (They will be fine just unlucky with all the injuries)

Since you are obviously slow or married to Mike Tomlin, I've simply asked you to provide any kind of adult dialog on how the Steelers have improved vs. the 4-wide/QB passing attack that has been there downfall for the last two years?

1. I'll give you a start, hopefully Carnell Lake can get any draft pick in the last three years to produce? Once again it might be a fact there Mrs. Tomlin? Yes or No, have we drafted and developed a DB in the last THREE YEARS?

2. Hopefully, we draft any DB resembling an actual football player (not very hopeful as the draft is a crapshoot and 2nd through 7th is a lot of luck)

3. See... now think with your little brain and give me some more?

I already told you I agree, you simpleton. I just don't share your "gloom and doom" outlook on how this upcoming season is going to end up. Show me one post where I said our secondary is good. You can't because I didn't say it. Maybe if you actually read the posts instead of just spouting off, you might comprehend that.

You are the one on here REPEATEDLY saying how our secondary sucks so bad we'll never win against a good passing team this year. Thanks for the "adult dialogue", Kreskin. You're a genius.

I wave my private parts at your aunties, you heaving lot of second-hand electric donkey bottom biters.
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