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Default Re: Over-emphasis on CBs stopping rush?

Hahaha, I think I'm talking to Sara Palin. Obviously, reading comprehension isn't your strong point.

I said I'm really disappointed in our first round pick ( I think he'll be good ) but he can't help with our HUGE GLARING and NATIONALLY KNOWN PROBLEM.

You spout off a bunch of BS saying I'm not a fan, then you really agree, but I still suck.
You say I don't know shit about the draft, etc. because everyone else is 100% in picking who is good or bad and they absolutely know that all the CB's were a reach... yeah okay.

So, again I bring it back to the facts listed below and then you say "Kreskin" everybody knows this... wow. You betcha, they know it.

I never said it was doom and gloom. I said we'd win the division and go to the Playoffs. But it's looking alot like what the media has said for the last two years and what we had to listen to the entire SB. GB will spread us out and roll.

What happened?
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