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Default Re: Over-emphasis on CBs stopping rush?

Originally Posted by finesward View Post
I think your a closet Bengals fan, cause that's how they draft...not how the pittsburgh steelers draft. So, again what was the result of the arizona SB? And did Ben not have a chance to win the game AGAIN at the end of the GB SB? Yeahhh...that's right. No defense is going to completely shut out good passing attacks, but you know if you get pressure on the QB those teams go from great to very average. You are all about the now, Colbert is all about the next 10 years. You think about this season, he drafts for 2015. He's done an excellent job using mostly low 1st rounders.

Sorry no one else is with you in thinking we should change our whole draft philosophy because we have a need at CB. Sorry, not buying it. We didn't start drafting OL after Faneca left just because we had a need for it and ended up winning the SB w/o him. You and thumper should go circle jerk each other and get off on how much better you are than kevin colbert.

And as for helping with our nationally known problem, your problem is you don't understand that a pass rush will negate a good passing QB, as pressure = inaccuracy, fumbles, ints, sacks, and all around pissing and shitting of the QB. If he can fill in and not have a letdown in performance we keep our aging linemen fresh longer, and keep them healthy going into the playoffs where maybe they can get after the QB better than they did against GB. The D line and LB'ers were spent in the SB, you could tell.

agree, exactly what defenses were stopping the packers or pats last year?
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