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Default I got 1 question....

Remember, like, ever since we went to the 3-4, that Pgh
always found DEs in later rounds? It was said that when
in a 3-4, that your DEs need to be big mothers who clog up
the O-linemen, allows the LBs to make tackles and sacks. So,
it seems Pgh knew they could get the guys they needed in later
round for DEs (although they still used high picks at NT, generally

With 3-4 DEs, they need size and power, but not elite speed since
we don't need our DEs to get to the passer, however, you sure
as hell need that elite speed for 4-3 DEs, as they are needed to
get to the passer or your D will be lame.

So what has changed? Twice in the last 3 drafts they have used
their first rounder on a DE. It doesn't seem to add up. What has
changed? Yes, more teams run a 3-4 but that doesn't change the
fact that the DEs needed in a 3-4 still don't need to possess elite
physical skill whereby you need to use 1st rounders on them.

Just look at their draft history.

After years of rarely ever taking a DE in the 1st round, they
spend 1st rounders on Hood and Hayward.

The other DEs who end up playing?

Keisel - 7th round
Bailey - 6th
Aaron Smith - 4th
Staat - 2nd - who was a total bust, further proving high picks not needed
Roye - 6th
Gibson - 4th
Rayborn - 5th
Buckner - 2nd
Williams - 2nd

See a trend? Once in a while they spent a 2nd round on DE but
mostly they took the most productive DEs in the 4th or later. No first
rounders were used in the modern era of Pgh football, but now
we have 2 out of 3 first rounders in 3 years? Why has their
philosophy altered so much? Can we not still expect to get our
kind of quality DEs in the 4th round? And if so, why are we
using 1st rounders on DEs in spite of the fact that we desperately
could use our high picks on CBs and OL at this point?

I am not saying that Hood and Hayward will not prove worthy
picks and I hope they rock. But I am just confused on how the
philosophy has radically changed when there doesn't appear to
be a logical reason for it to.

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