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Default Re: I got 1 question....

You have to consider that less teams ran a 3-4 back in the day, therefore DEs that may not meet the needs of a 4-3 wouldn't be as coveted and could hence be taken later. Nowadays, many teams have switched to the 3-4.

Also, in the past the Steelers have used their early picks for positions like WR while the patiently select DEs later. Recently, it seems like they're getting better at selecting gems at WR in the higher rounds giving them the ability to get a stud at DE in the lower rounds.

I also think that you'll begin to see a different scheme out of the Steelers in the coming years. With such physicall gifted DEs, they will have no choice to use their talents in creative ways. With Cam and Hood at DE, Worlids and Woodley at OLB, just imagine the possibilities!
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