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Default Re: I got 1 question....

Originally Posted by 55BaileyFan View Post
Defensive end talent really falls off as they get through the draft. Remember we don't draft need we draft the best available and Heyward was up on our board. He is a great talent who can play end, tackle, and outside linebacker.

I don't think it would be off for Pittsburgh to go after a middle linebacker and only grab one corner and maybe two offensive lineman. This is a typicaly Steeler pick and I think it will work out.
I got to disagree a little. DE talent for elite 4-3 ends go quick. DE
talent for a 3-4, where DEs are not asked to get many sacks can
be there for a while. You just need pluggers and they are far easier
to find. The history of who we draft when proves that. I am not complaining
about the pick; he has so many things they look for in addition to physical
talent: mature, a leader, consistent, motivated, loyal. And let's face it:
our DEs are getting old other than 1, Hood. The rest are well into their
30s, so we did have to address the position.

Looking at the past 20 years, it is still noteworthy that they took two
first rounds on DEs in 3 years. And, please, they better go CB and
an OLmen or two the rest of the way instead of taking picks on lame
TEs and punters.
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