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Default Reggie thanks.

I just heard Adam Scheffter talking about the Saints and their selection of Mark Ingram. He said that Bush might be on his way out of New Orleans and that Pittsburgh could be one of his destinations....really...I don't think so.

This is the guy making over 8 million a year and refused to re-work his deal to make less EVEN THOUGH he sucks and the super freaking athlete only average 418 yards and 3 touchdowns per year.

I don't think the Burgh should or would touch Bush. We have Rashard Mendenhall and Issac Redman has done well in the pony formation. Hell, there are some good backs the Steelers could grab in the fifth or sixth rounds like Dion Lewis, Evan Royster, Noel Devine.

What do you all think? Why the hell should we even want this overpaid CLOWN?
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