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Default Ryan Grant says players shouldn't hug Goodell?

This kind of bothered me and I wanted to see what Steeler Nation thinks. Ryan Grant tweeted....

"I absolutely want these guys to enjoy this night.. They worked their butts off to get to this point But to hug the man who.. Literally is leading the campaign for taking money out your pocket doesn't sit well with me ..I might be wrong..But def happy for them."

I know there is more to the tweet but come on. Goodell is a tool and and a joke but he is doing what the owners are PAYING him to do and that is get them more money. He is doing exactly what Smith is doing for the players.

These guys are taking part in something that will never happen to them again. Let them enjoy it and have fun with it. The draft should not be effected by anything going on outside of it. I think it is great that the players are embracing this right now.

Besides, the fans are giving Goodell hell.
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