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Default Re: Reggie thanks.

Originally Posted by PhantomJB93 View Post
If he comes at the right price, why not? He would NOT be contesting Mendy, and while he may not have lived up to the hype he had in the draft he is the best pass-catching back in the NFL and would be a phenomenal third down back who could add a whole new dimension to our offense. He's a great return man too.

People say "he sucks" and "he's a bust" and while he can't handle a huge workload he's still a great football player and would be great in Mewelde's current role.

I think he's also a decent guy, not an ego-maniac, and I wouldn't worry about the USC allegations, I think its BS how far they took the case against him.
that all is true but why not just pick someone up late that wont take as much money away from us resigning and signing Ike and Aso
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