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Default Re: Who do you want on day 2 of the draft?

Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
well true i rather not be involved in shootouts, but our defense still is good. Not great, but good. That to go with a good offense would make us a contender. Despite arians ben is very difficult to stop if he has protection. if we can build a solid o-line we will have another championship team, bank on it.
Good against the run, I'll agree to that but good against a spread passing offense with a good QB?

The answer is NO. Consider the last SB as a exhibit 1. Consider the last SB we won as exhibit 2. We damn near lost that game to spread offense and quick release QB. We had to win in a shootout. We will lose as many shootout games as we win.

Consider that our secondary is almost total dependent on Troy. If he goes down again, which considering the way he plays and his injury history is quite possible, we will get killed!

If we lose Taylor to free agency then we will be totally fu'ked because we will have nothing back there. Not that Taylor is all that great since he can't catch a cold. Taylor is not famous for INTs.

Looks to me that the Steelers FO has decided that this is a reloading year. We'll beat weaker teams but against a good QB with a spread offense we'll be meat on the table.

Of course if we had a power running game and could keep the opponents offense off the field we might be able to win a few more. Oh I forgot we resigned the Airhead so we won't be running the ball. So much for that idea.

We might even make the playoffs with this team but then we will get blown out. Personally I'll be surprised if we make 10-6. 9-7 is more likely and a playoff miss.

Stick a fork in this season it's all ready over.
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