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Default Re: Steelers take Florida OT with second round pick

Originally Posted by sexyllama View Post
Problem with the rest of the CB's is that they are ???.

If we pick three maybe one will make the team. Maybe. CB's had zero depth this year past the top 5-6.


I really think they are going to dip into FA. Maybe get that kid from Cincy and Ike but who knows. I really don't like giving Ike alot of money. A 31 year old CB has bad written all over it.
Just when I thought you couldn't get any dumber.....

Honestly though, it seems like each time you talk you say something even more stupid than the last time.

When are you going to realize that the drop-off in this draft between the top CBs and mid-late CBs just isn't that much. Have you ever though that maybe this isn't a good year for CBs in general? When life gives you lemons.......
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