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Default Re: Who do you want on day 2 of the draft?

Originally Posted by sexyllama View Post
Actually, I just picked the first quote from many media, football analysts, as well as many people here. Also, pretty much the only thing this team has huge problems with is Belisuck and that damn spread does on us.

Have you been watching our games then you'll know it's pretty much the only major problem area we have.

Never said they would be torched all year. I said we can't be Elite Qb's using the spread and we've done nothing in since Arizona to fix it.

Anyway, sorry for saying anything negative about the Steelers because obviously they are perfect and your(you're?) not a fan otherwise.

Dude are you high or something??? When you read that back does it make sense? You may be a fan, but of the bandwagoner, gloom and doom (not to mention not that smart) variety. Yes there are others on here like you who make equally obvious and negative statements, and there are media outlets that love to point out the glaring weaknesses of the O-line and DB situation in da burgh...but those guys have been saying the same old tired things since Arizona, and here we are again...year after year back in the playoffs, back in the SB. So thanks for repeating the obvious, thanks for clearing it up to those of us who have been not watching the steelers the past 5 years and letting us know that the weakness of our defense is against a spread offense. Why not use your media prowess to break down the other 31 teams and post on their message boards something 99% of them already know and see what kind of response you get.
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