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Default Re: Who do you want on day 2 of the draft?

Originally Posted by sexyllama View Post
Funny enough I called out all your BS and you say are you HI.

I say I don't like the selection and I'm and idiot and your perfect?

Are you high? You stupid. Go point out the obvious. Your not a fan. I just summed your entire thought process up much more quickly than you could.

Later fool, I won't express my disappointment for the draft choices because obviously you don't agree which makes me high or an idiot? Later dumbass.

Called out all my BS? Where in that incomprehensible drivel did you call anything out except confirming that you "just picked the first quote from many media ( ) football analysts ( ) as well as many other people on here"

I asked if you are high because coming from someone who isn't high, and is trying to find meaning in the broken sentences, misspelled and segmented words, and "unique vision and advanced vision" it's very hard to take you or anything you say seriously.

You can express your disappointment for the draft choices, but at least be an individual and use your god given "unique and advanced vision" to tell us who you wanted to be drafted and give some insight as to why instead of just hopping along what peter king, or what some other gloom and doomer moron on here is saying. Your logic (see how I used your?) is flawed and you can't even concede that maybe, JUST MAYBE CB is not as important in this defense as say a DE who can stop the run, take up blockers, and free the LB's to PRESSURE the QB enabling us to get by with the bend but don't break "softee" coverage that dick tends to use. I know it can be frustrating to watch, but more often than not it has worked for us. 3 SB trips in 6 years is all the proof you need that it works. So why now, after a tough loss, should we abandon everything we've done before that worked so well for so long and go out and draft based on need. Why panic? Why ? Give me some solid reasons, not what you heard on sportscenter or rotoworld or espn....I'm giving you a chance to prove your salt. Go right on ahead and wow everyone.
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