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Default Re: Disappearing Picks

Originally Posted by sexyllama View Post
No offense but I follow all the top 20 College teams as I bet tens of thousands on them. Won big money on Texas vs USC a few years back and they are an easy bet with a spread offense and great D.

Curtis Brown is okay and considered pretty soft.

3-5 teams ran like 300-400 yards on them in a game. He's not a very great tackler (although losing the safeties hurt a lot)

Texas blitzes a lot leaving single coverage and he was burned for a lot. Texas also gave up a couple 300 or 400 yard passing games. He was the Texas "mcfadden"

Also, he's has horrible hands 1 interception per year. He was also blamed for losing the Rice game and one other because he fumbled Punt Returns and gave the other team an easy touchdown.

He was later pulled off Special Teams because of all the fumbling catches.

Anyway, look it up on the Internet. I'm sure one of the games will be 280 yards and someone will say I'm full of shit but whatever...


Yes, I watch a lot of college football and watching Texas drop a bomb was sad.
Curtis needs to add strength.

He does not have horrible hands lol. A lot of draft analysts say he has some of the best hands out of all of the corners in the draft but that isn't really saying much.

Just because your INT total is low doesn't really mean you can't catch either. He wasn't thrown at that often.

Everyone gets burned now and then too, even Revis and Nnamdi.

You can always get stronger but covering is a unique skill that a lot of corners don't and never will possess. Brown is great in man coverage.
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