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Default Re: Who do you want on day 2 of the draft?

Originally Posted by sexyllama View Post
BTW, Green Bay throwing on almost every down is called "A Game Plan"

The Super Bowl coverage sorta hinted that they would do that because our PASS DEFENSE was considered below average. I'll let you in on a another big secret... most of the media points out that we don't have a pass D.

Peter King:
Some guys should be Steelers. Cam Heyward fits very well there. He's a versatile defensive end who can play the run well and penetrate well to bother the passer. Might be the long-term replacement for Brett Keisel, who turns 33 in September. But I'm like everyone else: I think Pittsburgh should have gone corner here, with such a desperate need at the position, or offensive tackle.

Read more:
You do realize that pass rushing helps with pass coverage?

Heyward can eat up blocks allowing Woodley and company to get more pressure on the QB forcing him to get rid of the ball faster. The longer the corners have to stay with a WR the higher the chance of that WR getting open. The Steelers do need a corner because of the lack of skill we have at the position but they addressed it by getting Brown.

No cornerback available at 31 would benefit the team more than Heyward can. Heyward is a very good player and will fit perfectly with the Steelers.

I love all three of our picks so far.
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