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Default Re: Who do you want on day 2 of the draft?


MY BS complaint is that our DB's are shit and they are the most pressing need? Seriously, I don't make sense? 90% of the media and football analyst say we are razor-thin at CB and I'm crazy? Okay...

Our downfall for the last TWO years has been accurate QB's that spread us out. Remember the year we didn't make the playoffs? Sure we were off but our pass Defense got bombed. Last year, we got lucky and didn't face a good passing team until the SB then "Bam!" GB followed Belisucks plan to a capital T. Spread us out and hit the slot for 5-10 yards a pop.

As for our picks- find my post where I said Heyward or Gilbert suck? Nope, wrong ****ing again.
I said for a team that has nothing at CB, we really didn't address it well.

I'm a little suspect that the 11th... THE 11th DE is going to be the best DE in the first round and that nobody else noticed he was THAT GOOD. But, you have to go with our LB/DE scouts because they are the best. After what Kugs did with the line, I'd argue Gilbert will probably start because he actually worked miracles last year and coached up some average OL's to actually compete.

Now, onto the DB's:

0. Taylor, Madison, Mundy, and Gay are all UFA's. I don't people even realize that.
1. You know since Tomlin has taken over we HAVE NOT developed one CB?
2. The current DB's that won the Superbowl were all from Cowher
3. Our old backfield coach never did anything close to what Kugs did last year. Come on man, you remember every play Gay and Mundy were in, it was a ****ing slaughter. The only thing that saved us were a lot of bad QB throws. Oh and Ben bailing us out with that insane Hail Mary.
4. As I said in another post, Curtis Brown was basically the Texas McFadden. I bet 10s of thousand on College Football and I know the Top 20 teams inside and out. Texas gave up several 300-400 yard rushing games, several 300-400 passing games. Look up what Oklahoma St. did to the guy.
5. Past the 2nd Round *almost* all of these guys are projects except punters and kickers : 0
6. After the above facts, is it that hard to make sense that we still have a big hole in our Defensive Backfield
7. It's not hard to imagine Troy P. getting hurt for a few games NOW look at our DB's without him.

1. Tomlin and Lake actually coach any of the DB's to play, we'll see. Hey, Kugs did it in a year...Maybe..
2. Maybe, we had a plan to grab some DB's through Free Agency. Granted, the Steelers don't but they have made an exception when good players are available and we have a need.

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