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Default Re: Disappearing Picks

Yes, Wallace- he's soft. Exactly what I said. He basically was opposite side of Aaron Williams much like being the opposite side of Ike Taylor. He was picked on consistently, I bet on OK STATE and was highly rewarded.

I'll completely 100% give you that the Steelers can draft well in all the other positions but there CB scouts blow. I posted many times that Heyward and Gilbert will be good (although I'm suspect of the 11th DE... THE 11 DE being the uncovered GEM that 29 other teams missed but the DE's / LB's we draft are good)

Name one CB that Tomlin has drafted that has contributed?
Name one CB that Tomlin has drafted that has made any significant play?
Maybe, Carnel Lake will pull a Kugs and get any of the CB's moving forward but I'm pretty doubtful given the last 3 years of reverse in terms of developing CB's
I said a joke a while ago, it seems that other teams develop CB's quickly and our have to go through some kind of JEDI KNIGHT apprenticeship.

To summarize, I don't think we'd did enough to stop an Elite passing team. I'm not worried about the Brownies or Ravens.

To finesward, yeah, I'm a toolbag because I present facts about players and I don't like our Pass Defense. BTW, I drive a 2008 BMW M3 Coupe so go **** off little man.
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