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Default Re: Disappearing Picks

Originally Posted by Wallace108 View Post
I'll agree with you that the secondary, much like the O-line before Pouncey, has been ignored for far too long. But that's not an excuse to reach for a CB the quality of which they can get with a later pick.

Here's Carnell Lake's opinion on the Brown pick:
We don't need a big playmaker at corner. We already have a lot of impact guys on the defense. We need a corner who can cover. And they obviously thought Brown was just as good as the guys they could have selected with their first-round pick.

1. I agree with where you are going but I don't think RasDowling would have been a reach at 31. (we could have moved up for a 4th and 1st swap to 26-27 to get Smith. I know the Steelers are avoiding character issues but with the locker room we have I think Smith would have been fine. Aaron Williams and Dowling went 34-35?

-maybe they don't think Aaron Smith will recover ... hmm...

2. I think with coaching he maybe an okay Slot but we'll see. I haven't seen to many 3-7th rounders become insane Cover men.. but we have new coaches.

My line of thinking is that we needed some guys who could cover yesterday. (The GB Superbowl would have been nice) and I don't see either of those guys coming in immediately and helping. Maybe Lake pulls a Kugs and they are lights out but after 2-3 years of watching our CB development I'm suspect.

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