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Default Re: Disappearing Picks

Let's see you've attached on to me because obviously you've got daddy issues?

YOU were worried about what car I drive? Ding dumbass!

YOU questioned that I didn't know shit but betting on games and knowing the players is a big key to actually winning 80% of your bets. Ding dumbass!

I use facts and statistics about spread teams like NE, GB, and what Cincy got lucky doing two years ago. (but luckily the Bengals are the Bengals!) then I also pointed out that several analysts were saying similar things but that makes me an idiot for being well-informed as I watch, read, and listen. Go drink your Bud and shoot some critters, bro!

Yeah, your a probably a dumb, racist hick who married to a cousin. Have fun watching the draft in your trailer!

Love Llama

(PS I"m not a Llama so don't get excited because I'm a farm animal See ya Deliverance-man)
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