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Default Re: Tom Brady brought to tears about his draft-day fall

Wow! Some of you guys still can't admit the better team won. You have to cling to this idiotic cheating nonsense. For Christ's sake just man up. Even your own coach (Cowher) admitted the Spygate thing is complete horse shit

Your team is competing for titles and Patriots have devolved into a team that isn't talented enough to even get out of the first round. Belichick lost his mind years ago. He has insisted on hiring from within rather than hiring qualified coordinators and has made it his personal mission to destroy the Pats front seven- ensuring they can't stop anybody. His 2011 draft was a giant middle finger to Patriots nation. And to be honest, by day two I wasn't even pissed. His ineptitude was that damn funny.

None of you guys have to worry about the big bad Patriots stealing your lunch money anymore. I would think you would be happy. Instead you are still petty and jealous.

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