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Default Re: Disappearing Picks

Originally Posted by sexyllama View Post
Let's see you've attached on to me because obviously you've got daddy issues?

YOU were worried about what car I drive? Ding dumbass!

YOU questioned that I didn't know shit but betting on games and knowing the players is a big key to actually winning 80% of your bets. Ding dumbass!

I use facts and statistics about spread teams like NE, GB, and what Cincy got lucky doing two years ago. (but luckily the Bengals are the Bengals!) then I also pointed out that several analysts were saying similar things but that makes me an idiot for being well-informed as I watch, read, and listen. Go drink your Bud and shoot some critters, bro!

Yeah, your a probably a dumb, racist hick who married to a cousin. Have fun watching the draft in your trailer!

Love Llama

(PS I"m not a Llama so don't get excited because I'm a farm animal See ya Deliverance-man)
You wanted to know why I thought you were an idiot.

1. You make statements that anyone watching NFL network could make.
2. You can't comprehend defensive strategy enough to know that pressure is more important in DL's defense than being able to cover a WR like Revis.
3. You wager tens of thousands of dollars on sporting events, which means you must be ok with losing thousands of dollars occasionally, which means your daddy probably gave you everything you've ever had and you've never actually worked a day in your life.
4. You can tell a lot about a person by the car they drive. Someone who is caught up in appearances would typically drive a BMW.
5. You simply repeat what you see, hear, and listen to. That is different than actually providing insight, analysis, and comprehension which you have so clearly shown an ineptitude.
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