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Default Re: Disappearing Picks

Originally Posted by finesward View Post
I don't think sitting at 31 there was any miracle player availble that would of been able to step in right away and solidify the CB position. Agree? Aaron Williams was not the answer. So we would of had to trade up to grab one of the top 2 CB's as the quality behind them dropped off considerably. That would of TANKED our draft and possibly next year's draft as well. So maybe we didn't do enough to stop the 4-5 elite QB's in the league, but we did solidify O-line with a quality guy and brought in another workhorse DE to address that need.

So lets see, you bet thousands of dollars on football games, drive a beamer, and repeat everything you hear on television to strangers on the internet to make yourself feel smart.

Yeah your a douche...
Hey llama, you still never answered this part did you??? Nice deflecting though, bravo
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