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Default Re: Tom Brady brought to tears about his draft-day fall

Originally Posted by patsdynasty View Post
Maybe a fanbase that has spent the last decade rooting for Hines Ward should refrain from making fun of other teams' players for crying.
Ummm - seems to me there might be a difference between crying immediately after a game (or not getting picked until the 6th round when it happens) and shedding tears over it 10 freaking years later at a time you subsequently have won 3 Super Bowls, are rich beyond your wildest dreams, and are married to a supermodel

As far as the "petty and jealous" crack, you are the petty one trolling on an opposing team's board.

As far as the "jealous" goes, get over it - Steelers have won 6 Super Bowls, 2 of which are since your team won it's last one - hard to be jealous given the facts.

Some of us just do not like your cheating coach and a QB who often acts like he is God's special gift to the world
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