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Default Re: Steelers build for the future

Originally Posted by theplatypus View Post
You've been drinking too much Kool-Aid. WE"RE DOOMED,DOOMED!!!!
Uh, what?

My point was that everyone brings up the fact the Pats and Pack have designed a blueprint for everyone to follow when not every team has the pieces they do (Brady and Rodgers). The Pats, with Brady, have carved the Steelers up for a while yet they've still won two superbowls in that time.

I would have liked them to draft a corner like Harris, Williams or Dowling (this has nothing to do with them picking Heyward) when Ike Taylor (although as of today it sound sliek he'll stay) I think/thought is most likely gone.

However, while CB is quite a need I'm far from the majority mentality on this board where most people perceive the sky to be falling because of the lack of CB picks or whatever. What happened in the SB against Rodgers concerns me but like I've said not every team has a Brady, Rodgers or if you want to add, a Brees. Hell, two of three are in the NFC. Sure Brady carves us up but everyone here is acting like Colt McCoy and Andy Dalton are gonna f.ucking carve us up the same way.

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