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Default Re: Steelers draft: Ho-hum

Whatever, I've loved the draft picks so far. Sure, it's not sexy, but its smart and safe, just like every year, and just like every year the Steelers end up with one of the better teams in the league without resorting to lucrative free agents, so yeah, something right is being done with the draft

Originally Posted by steeltheone View Post
Heyward needs to play...We need speed and youth injected very badly..if he is not ready to get reps this year it was a bad pick..

he's a first round pick, of course he'll play or else it will be a bust, but just like with Ziggy don't expect him to be an immediate starter. We already have a beast of a DL, it would take a defensive rookie of the year type player to beat out one of the current starters for the starting position, this isn't the same deal as Pouncey who came into an already weak OL, the only thing wrong with our DL is age, that's it, and Ziggy and Heyward will largely have solved that issue.
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