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Default Re: Consensus: worst draft in AFCN

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Because we know the best way to judge a draft is to have sportswriters and (now) bloggers who are so talented they do not have jobs with NFL teams assess who "won" the draft on the same day it is completed

If a player's ranking going into the draft meant squat first round busts would be in the Hall of Fame

Given that the Steelers had the lowest draft position of any AFC North team I suppose they should be regarded as having drafted the least talent if the system works as it is supposed to
hold on Dan..let me see if i'm pickin up what your puttin down...

so you're saying... the teams that pick in the top 5 , or top 10 , should have better drafts than the team picking 31 st just because they have a bunch more options to choose from ???
that's very profound...
obviously there's a flaw in your logic... otherwise those top ten pickers would have better players which would translate to better records, which would translate to lower draft selections....right ?
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