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Default Re: Who do you want on day 2 of the draft?

Originally Posted by sexyllama View Post
Totally agree. You will not hold them to 180 yards but you also can't let them pass the ball at will and put the game away by the half. We won the Arizona SB because Big Ben and Harrison pulled a rabbit out of their asses (that kind of magic isn't going to happen every game.) Our Defense couldn't stop a nose bleed in the second half.

Basically, to win another Super Bowl we are going to have to beat Brady and/or Rodgers-type. I was at that game last year on Nov 14 vs the Pats, I've been to another ( I just want the Steelers to beat them so bad ) and every time the Pats have just blown us out. It was exactly the same thing in the Super Bowl.

-Pass rush didn't matter because they got rid of the ball very quickly
-The 4 linebackers couldn't counter the very fast / quick slot receivers
-The receivers always had 4-7 yards on the DB's

No doubt we are a good team but we'll need a better Game Plan and Players to beat them.


BTW, watch what the Jets did to Brady in the Playoffs. Ever seen a 2-1-8 or a 2-2-7. It was pretty masterful and I wish we'd try some things to counter the spread.
Don't forget GB suffered injuries to their WR's during the SB so it's not how good or fast they are, it's the blocking scheme and play calling that allowed those passes (not to mention having an extremely accurate short/mid range passing QB like rodgers) With Polamalu hampered and McFadden out we were doomed to give up those quick passes in the SB. We couldn't risk putting undersized nickel DB in bump and run coverage against the more physical and/or shifty WR's of GB. So we played them in more of a zone coverage and rodgers was able to pick that apart. It's really not about our scheme it was more about depth and we had no solid depth behind McFadden...and unfortunately draft be damned we will continue to have that as a weakness until A.) a CB we currently have or just drafted becomes a capable starter B.) We pursue DB's in FA (which would be tough because of learning the defense) Either way we are still a couple years away from having quality depth. So it's no big surprise it will continue to be an issue. But be sure there is no quick fix, there is no way to address it in the draft so that it will be fixed for the upcoming season. With all that said, lets not forget that like others have posted that game was not lost because of the DB's. The offense was putrid for much of the game with costly penalties, turnovers for TD's, a fumble at a key moment, dropped passes, bad throws, etc....

I think they did a decent job in this years draft but will reserve judgment as should everyone until 2 or more years later when these players pan out. Draft grades are the biggest joke around. Not one of these players have done ANYTHING in the NFL.
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