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Default Re: Consensus: worst draft in AFCN

I actually am very optimistic about the picks. For a quick break-down:

1) Cameron Heyward - great value pick. There were no "shut-down" CB's left nor very good OL's at 31st neither. Excellent player and will be a factor in his first season

2) Marcus Gilbert - We got a quality OT ready to play and will only get better. He will probably see some playing time when another OL gets injured.

3) Curtis Brown - by far the best CB available at this point in the draft and as good as any CB we could have gotten in round 2. Carnell Lake likes that he is quick. Will probably see some play on Special Teams and Nickel in first season.

4) Cortez Allen - Excellent value with raw talent that hasn't yet been trained. His history says football hasn't been the top focus as far as time in his life (Due to his college). With Steelers coaching and a good work ethic, he could become THE shut down corner in a few years. He also has much softer hands than Ike.

5) Chris Carter - Very fast LB potential, but will take a few years to develop into a starter. Very much the way Worilds is. May be a big asset on Special Teams. I can see both of these guys as the main OLB starters in the 2014 season and beyond.

6) Keith Williams - Excellent starter potential at guard where our depth is the most needed. Plays angry and can pull (great on rushingdowns). Will probably play some in first season if there are injuries like last season.

7) Baron Batch - RB with excellent 3rd down potential and an asset on Special Teams. May compete for a job in future as we have some depth at this position right now. If nothing else, he will definitely cause our other backs to become more competitive in keeping their jobs.

I agree that it wasn't a stellar draft, but who can expect that at 31st pick? They didn't trade and waste draft picks. The Falcons are going to be sorry at the next draft with hardly any picks.
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