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Default Re: Steelers draft: Ho-hum

Let's see... last year you guys were saying this season was over b/c ben was out 1/4 of the season on suspension, and we would be lucky to make the playoffs. The same sports writers had us going 3rd in the division (some even in last!)

And we went to the SB.

This year, it's oh no we don't have enough depth at CB and everyone will shred us up to itsy bitsy pieces, why watch? Stick a fork, the season's over... We didn't do enough in the draft, we didn't fix the problem, blah blah blah...

And you can read 7 different scouting reports on brown and they all paint a different picture of him as a player. Some say he is slow (er than the top CB's in the league) and some say that his game speed is much quicker than his 40 time. Some say he can't catch, others say he has great hands..Some say he can't tackle, others say he isn't afraid to throw his body around to punish ball carriers.

I appreciate you posting the articles on here, I really do. But from now on I'm just going to click the link and read so I can have an honest opinion afterward w/o the highlighting, bold, and gloom and doom comments sprinkled in.

Every year there is always those writers out there that put out these kinds of stories, and constantly we get the fear mongers following suit in here. I doubt KC or MT lose any sleep over what these chumps are saying about the team. They don't have that much success by getting lucky or by accident. My .02
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