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Default Re: Tom Brady brought to tears about his draft-day fall

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
See, the difference is, Hines was crying over losing a dear friend and teammate...this was after thinking that he (Bettis) was going to retire after they (the team) fought so hard to get him to the Superbowl (the only one Bettis would have played in). This was also after a tough AFCCG loss.

Tom Brady got choked up about thinking he wasn't going to get drafted (after he was already drafted to play catcher in the MLB). Him crying "I'm so excited, now I don't have to be an insurance salesman" is bullshit. He had plenty of options straight out of high school.

Mind you, no matter how much I don't like him or the team he plays for, that's great that he went for his dream and obtained it...but he makes it sound like being an insurance salesman was his last option outside of football.

He's a great player, but that "woe is me" story is just ridiculous.
All I was saying is that it seemed a little childish to me,in 2011, to make fun a dude for crying. It's probably something I should have kept to myself.

I just didn't realize there was so much hatred for Brady here. I'm not going to throw him under the bus- he's won my team 3 rings. But he does seem a little fake. And I can see where that would turn some people off. Hell, even as a Pats fan I find some of his screaming at teammates a little annoying. Especially when two passes before that he threw a ball at some guys feet or six yards over his head.

The thing is, if Brady were a Steeler and Big Ben were a Pat most of you would admire Brady's "fire and competitve spirit" and you would despise Big Ben. That's what being a fan is about. We are all biased to a certain extent. I can't stand the Ravens . There's nothing wrong with disliking another team or player. I just think it makes people look really petty and foolish when they talk about the Patriots "cheating" Maybe it's not my place to say that, in Steelers forum. But that's just the way I feel. I wasn't trying to stir shit , troll or piss anyone off.
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