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Default Re: Steelers take Florida OT with second round pick

Maybe I am looking at this with rose colored glasses, but I see genius in this particular draft. First off, outside of Peterson, there wasn't another corner with that talent, so why waste a late first round pick on a second round CB. Besides, how many rookie CB's would have started under a LeBeau system anyway. And this is the key, and where I see the genius in drafting the players in the order they were drafted in. I'm sure the owners and GM's knew the lockout would ultimately continue. SO, why draft a corner in the 1st who won't even be allowed to learn the LeBeau system until training camp, if he's that lucky. Who has the better chance of seeing time and contributing THIS year?? I believe they drafted DE, OL and CB in order of their possibility of productivity. Gilbert is a former teammate and friend of Pouncey and can learn much from him about the system. Heyward's learning curve, IMHO, is much less than that of any possible corner we could have drafted. So personally, I think when all is said and done, the Steelers managed THIS YEARS DRAFT better than 90% of the teams out there. just sayin'
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