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Default Re: Cook: Re-signing Taylor becomes a priority

(God help this team if we don't sign Taylor. Even if we resign "old", "hands of stone", Taylor our secondary is going to get torched. If Troy goes down again and given his injury history and the way he plays that is a distinct possibility, we will have nothing back there. It's going to be a long season if there is one. Also Taylor at 30 years old could easily go down as well and then what? Gay as a starting corner?

Would you be willing to tell us where you got your crystal ball?

Even if one of the many corners in first two rounds were not worth what the supposed value of their pick they would have still been much better than what we have now. This is where the Steelers obsession with drafting the best player available irrespective of team needs really bites us.

They're better and they haven't even been given a number yet, let alone play down?

Also why could we not have moved up two slots to grab Harris? Saying that he wasn't worth a being 28th in the second round is just an opinion. Houston thought he was and moved up much further than we would have had to. Was moving up two whole slots that much of reach to get a corner that is at least as good as anything we have now?

You do realize that it takes two to tango? How do you know that they didn't try too move up and couldn't find a willing partner?

Another consideration is it takes time for a corner to learn the job so next year we will be in the same situation again. We won't have a top flight corner. Had we drafted one this year then we would have been much further ahead of the curve because the CB would have had time to learn the job. So next year once again our secondary will be pathetically weak and please don't expect miracles from our number three and four CB picks this year. They are too damn slow to be top flight corners and you can't coach speed. They are at best nickle and dime backs which is why they lasted till the third and fourth rounds.

If this is such a passing league then you need two or three top flight corners and even with Taylor we barely have one adequate corner. Behind him we have nothing.

Get used to being to our secondary being destroyed for the next few years. Brady, Rodgers or any other half way decent QB will rip us apart with a spread offense. Then it won't matter if teams can't run on us. What good is the best run defense if teams rip your pass defense to shreds? Even if we make the playoffs we will just bounced out. This draft was a total cluster flop. - mesa)

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