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Default Re: Steelers build for the future

Originally Posted by Farrior_roirraW View Post
My point was that everyone brings up the fact the Pats and Pack have designed a blueprint for everyone to follow when not every team has the pieces they do (Brady and Rodgers). The Pats, with Brady, have carved the Steelers up for a while yet they've still won two superbowls in that time.
You're exactly correct. I remember some team in the early 2000's handed it to us by spreading it out, it may have been the Patriots, or even the Browns. But I remember after that game everybody was talking about how they established a blueprint on how to beat us and this and that, and how every team from hear on out will now know what to do to beat us. Since then, we've been ranked 5th or better in defense every year and have been to 3 SBs.

You're exactly right though, most teams don't have the offensive fire power to run such a system. It's not easy to sit back and sling it against the Steelers; you need an elite (by elite, I mean HOF worthy) quarterback, a great coach, and 3-4 good receivers/ tight ends. Last year, there were only 2 teams that met that description. Unfortunately, we met one of those teams in the Super Bowl.

Many Steelers fans don't understand match-ups. No team matches up well against every other team. While we match up excellently against the Jets and the Ravens, we don't match up so well against the Patriots. The Patriots match up well against us, but not the Jets. Now fans on here are basically suggesting selling the farm to get better at matching up against the Patriots, but we would thus be sacrificing at least some of our favorable match-up against other teams, most notably all of the teams in the AFC North.
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