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Default Re: Consensus: worst draft in AFCN

Look ... to get 1 or 2 eventual starters out of a draft is about all any team can expect.

Check out the 2009 draft ...Hood, Urbik, Wallace, Lewis, Burnett, Summers, Harris, Shipley, Johnson ...

Only Hood and Wallace have made any semblance of an NFL impact!

But we all felt great about that draft ... especially when many of those players made the 53-man roster.

It seems to me like we will have 2 or 3 of these 2011 draft picks stick for a long time ... Heyward, Gilbert, Brown ... these are solid need picks ...

Williams ... ??? ... we suddenly have a young talented O-Line ... Pouncey, Gilbert, Legursky, Foster, Hills, Chris Scott, and now Williams too! ... this pick is about depth and big bodies! ... all those guys on top of Flozell, Starks, Kemo and Colon. ... team weakness? ... hardly !!!!!!!!!!!

Our CB's are looking solid now ... Taylor, McFadden, Butler, Lewis, Brown, Allen ... we will have depth there now ... assuming Ike Taylor will remain a Steeler. Crez Butler has the look of a solid player and will take a huge leap this season! These kids we just drafted have the requisite tools ... time will tell.

O-line and CB are not our weakest positions right now on this team ... Special Teams kickers (K and P) and Safety are our biggest weaknesses in my opinion ... we are always one Troy Polamalu injury away from mediocrity on defense.
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